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Posted By : Zeng Yinghua (Sandy)
SCCM TP1609, test New Boundary Concept

Build up my test lab during the weekend, and finally have chance to test SCCM TP1609 new boundary concept. More details of the changes can read. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/get-started/capabilities-in-technical-preview-1609

Here are my setups:

  1. Primary Site server: CM01, Distribution Point role installed.
  2. Site system server: CM02, Distribution Point role installed.
  3. Site system server: CMRMP01, Distribution Point role installed
  4. Created boundary name based on IP Subnet, Description “Boundary Test”.
  5. Created boundary group name “Boundary Group 01“, Added boundary IP Subnet, Site System Server added CM02 
  6. Created boundary group name “Boundary Group 02“, didn’t add any boundaries, Site System Server added CMRMP01, didn’t add any relationships.
  7. Boundary Group 01“, in “Relationships” added “Boundary Group 02“, Distribution Point fallback times in 1 minutes, Boundary Group 02 will be use as fallback neighbor for Boundary Group 01. MP, DP and SUP will be all in used.
  8. “Default builtin boundary group”, Site System Servers added CM01, this will be use as fall back source location

This means, my test PC01 is in Boundary Group 01 (DP is CM02), fall back neighbor is Boundary Group 02 (DP is CMRMP01), fallback source location is Default builtin boundary group (DP CM01)

So let’s test those settings, base this chart:

Test 1: Create Application 7-zip, distributed content only to CM01, Deployed to my test machine PC01.

Test 2: Create Application 7-zip, distributed content to CMRMP01 and CM01, Deployed to my test machine PC01.

Result: For all my test result, fallback to neighbor and fallback to Default builtin boundary group works nicely as it has been set.

BUT:  I didn’t see it wait 1 minute to fallback point, even though I set it in boundary group relationships wait 1 minute. My PC01 downloaded 7-zip  from the fallback DP immediately in all my tests.

Well, of course always possible that I just didn’t test it correctly, so please let me know your test results. Thanks! 🙂


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