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Posted By : Zeng Yinghua (Sandy)
SCCM Backup – Part 3 SQL Full backup

Why do we need site backup, and also need SQL Full back..because double backup for safety reason? ­čÖé Site backup only backup the site database, that’s why it call “site backup”. If you use custom reports, or if you have any other database on the same server, you should run a SQL full backup, and of course do also the site database SQL full backup.

Again, we use google, search key word “SCCM sql full backup”, you will find probably┬áthe first link written by Steve Thompson [MVP]┬áSQL Server Backup Recommendations for Configuration Manager┬á, just remember select all the database you needed, site database, ReportServer database, ReportServer┬átemp database, MDT database.

  • Select Report Options Step, I choose “E-mail report”, and choose your Email Operator from the drop-down lista, the one your created from my earlier post in Step 3

If you use reporting server, I would also suggest change the ReportServer Database recovery mode –> “Simple“, before you do the backup maintanece plan.

After I create the Backup Maintanace plan, I add two more step in it.

  1. Open your Backup Maintanace plan, choose Toolbox from the right panel, add two “Notify Operator Task” in your maintanace plan
  2. one is for susseced notification, another one is for failed notification


You must remember backup the ReportServer database encryption key if you are using SCCM reports.

  1. Open Reporting Services Configuration Manager.
  2. From the left panel, choose “Encryption Keys”
  3. From the right panel, choose “Backup”
  4. Then choose where do you want to save the file.
  5. Put a password there, then save the file.
  6. Forget the password. (Just joking, hope you remember the password later.)

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