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Posted By : Zeng Yinghua (Sandy)
I read a book! Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection Cookbook!

YEAH!!! I got a book, a real book, not E-book. 🙂 I am so excited.
Guess what is it? Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection Cookbook – By Nicolai Henriksen. You can get this book in Packet. Click here.

It has been really long time since I read a real paper book and finished it. Usually I only read blogs or few pages of an e-book, or search answers from google or bing.

Honestly I was a bit nervous start reading this book, because IT security is not my specialty, I wasn’t sure if I understand this book, or if I have energy finish reading it. 🙂

Somehow, magically I finished read this book. The book starts with basic, step by step walk you through how to set up Endpoint Protection, why you need it, how you use it. It was really easy to follow and understand.

As a SCCM user and Admin, yes I knew how to install SCEP and deploy SCEP policy to clients, those are not difficult, most of us already knew that. But is that all? NO, of course not! 🙂

During reading this book, I learned much. Many times I was like “wow, I didn’t know about it, I must mark these down and check them out when I go back to office”.

I know not everyone is using Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection, you might think why should I read this book when I am not using this product? Perhaps you are half right, but from my point of view,, no matter what anti-virus product you are using, the basic principles should be same. This book tells many incredible scenarios how you should use SCEP for workstations and servers, how to troubleshoot and fix issues. Not just anti-virus, there are much more we need to know, example: Performance.

As you know, I am a self learner, usually I search information from internet when I have a question, I guess many people are like me. Only problem is, how do I make a search when I don’t have a question? Or when I don’t even know this stuff existed? Reading Nicolai’s Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection Cookbook, lead me learn something awsome that I haven’t think about at all in the past. I am really glad I read this book, and I am going to read it again.

I totally recommand this book to all of you who is reading my blog! 😆


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