Detect and remove application from dependent task sequences with PowerShell

By | December 9, 2018

I believe most of us use install application steps during operating system deployment, unless you are using fully dynamic scripts to install applications. We often do changes in our task sequence, we made a copy of the original task sequence, made it as backup, then start modify the new ones. In some point, we updated some of applications, and we might want to delete those old applications, but oops, cannot delete, because of number of dependent task sequences is not 0.

This popup message doesn’t tell what are the dependent task sequences, it is not so easy to find out which task sequence it is. Luckily we have PowerShell. Here is a very simple PowerShell script can do it for you.


If you want to run this remotely without using Configuration Manager cmdlets, can use this script as well:


Finally, this script will remove the application from dependent task sequences, it use same technique as Nickolaj’s post Modify Task Sequence steps in ConfigMgr with PowerShell , please read Nickolaj’s post for reference.


IMPORTANT: As always, running any kind of script in your ConfigMgr server is dangerous without testing, so please do test these scripts in your testi environment before run it in production.


(Maybe we will make a GUI for this. Let’s see.. 😀 )

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