Hello, I am Zeng Yinghua, Nick name as Sandy.

I am Chinese (and Finnish). Mother of three lovely kids. We have two Ragdoll (cat) and one Welsh Corgi Pembroke (dog).

I hate cold, and I am living in Finland. 😀

When I was studying, I had no idea what I will become. Remember my first desktop PC (about 16 years ago), full of virus in the first week, and Windows died. I took it back to the shop, they wipe my hard disk clean and lost all my data. And I got a call from a hacker, told me what my email password is 99999, and he suggested me change stronger password.

Here I am, became an IT specialist, it is my job, and as my hobby, perhaps it is my only hobby. When I am bored, I will just build a test lab and test somethings.

I like: troubleshooting (challenging problems), PowerShell, MDT, SCCM. Use PowerShell to create some GUI Tools. Answer questions in forums, Facebook groups, read blogs …

The purpose of this blog is make myself useful, and also as my own meno. I am happy to share my knowledges and my opinions to everyone.

Thank you for reading my blog!